As I have discussed in a previous blog post, data science is very important if you want to become successful at digital selling. Data scientists can save your sales and marketing professionals a lot of time and energy conducting tedious research, and they can evaluate the right problems related to the business. If you’re not convinced that your business or company needs data scientists to help your sales teams, hopefully this blog post will change your mind.

Here are twelve reasons why data scientists are a great addition to any business to make digital sellers’ lives much easier!


1. Data scientists can save time when it comes to prospecting

Prospecting takes up so much time and energy for marketers and sales reps, meaning less time can be allocated to actual selling. According to Aberdeen, up to 24% of a salesperson’s time is taken up by research and other administrative duties. This means that almost a quarter of their time is dedicated to tasks that they aren’t even assigned to do. Thanks to data scientists, they can pinpoint the important details related to a prospect that would most likely make them a paying customer or buyer. This will free up a lot of time for sales reps to sell – which is exactly what they’re supposed to be doing!


2. They can conduct in depth lead evaluation

Finding quality leads is more important than finding lots of leads that aren’t relevant. Data scientists can assess how many leads a business is gaining, but also how many they are losing, which will determine whether or not marketing and sales are aligning properly. This can help when it comes to re-evaluating marketing and sales strategies, as the in-depth evaluation of leads can highlight where these strategies are going wrong.


3. They can evaluate the success of marketing strategies and campaigns

Oftentimes, when strategies or ad campaigns or promotions aren’t working, it’s difficult to actually tell. Data scientists can identify what works and what doesn’t, but they can also determine why it’s not working and what changes should be made.


4. They can recommend changes for improvement

As discussed above, when it comes to strategies and tactics, data scientists can pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. This will ultimately improve these strategies as marketing and sales reps can take note of any issues with them and improve them for much more efficient approaches to their overall digital selling strategy.


5. They can locate causes through testing and experimentation

Data scientists often use experimentation to test what works best, depending on the theory they want to test. Under controlled conditions, data experimentation can assess hypotheses through certain testing, such as a multivariate. This form of testing evaluates combinations of variations to determine which combination is the best!


6. They can work collaboratively

Data scientists are able to communicate and work with people from most teams within a business. When you think about it, the data scientists are the ones who are using metrics to analyse the data, so it’s safe to say they know the ins and outs of each of the sales teams’ strategies and how well they’re working. Data scientists can work with other employees in order to come up with solutions and to help them to make sense of the data they have gathered.


7. They can predict accurate sales forecasts

Data science can determine the quality of your sales pipeline and can predict what your final ROI will be. In terms of sales pipeline quality, data scientists can also detect which deals are more likely to close! Which is obviously very helpful for sales reps to know…


8. They can identify “bad data” in CRMs faster

It’s estimated that bad data costs U.S. companies $600 billion per year. By using licensed data, data scientists can improve performance rates by identifying bad data and distinguishing it from good data. This is great for sales professionals as they can use this information in order to formulate a stronger customer story.


9. They can communicate sales-speak to non-salespeople more clearly 

A lot of the time, reps and employees who aren’t members of the sales team don’t understand sales jargon and it can often be confusing to understand exactly what sales reps mean. By using predictions, data scientists can translate what they’re saying into information that is much easier to understand.


10. They can use algorithms to eradicate inconsistencies

As sales reps are… well, human beings, inconsistencies are bound to arise. A salesperson’s attitude towards data might change from one day to the next based on a number of factors, such as how happy or sad they are that day or whether or not they are feeling ill. Algorithms, on the other hand, don’t have to deal with these attitudes or feelings, of course. So data analysis should always be consistent!


11. They can locate the right problems that have the biggest impact on the business

Determining which problems should be given priority when it comes to solutions is important for the business overall. Choosing the right problems is just as important as coming up with the solutions. Data scientists can do this by analyzing and constantly asking questions, which will also encourage sales reps to do the same.


12. They can identify and solve business-related problems

When it comes to solving issues to do with your business, it’s important that the people coming up with the solutions know how the business and product or service work and what’s best for them. Data scientists know exactly where the problems lie, which problems should be addressed, and how to address those problems. This will not only help the sales team, but the overall business!


Anna Ní Chiaruáin

Posted by Anna Ni Chiaruain


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  19. […] As I have discussed in a previous blogpost, data science is very important if you want to become successful at digital selling. Data scientists can save your sales and marketing professionals a lot of time and energy conducting tedious research, and they can evaluate the right problems related to the business.  […]

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