Month: September 2016

How to Build Solid Online Relationships That Keep Customers Coming Back

Having strong online relationships is key to gaining and keeping customers. It’s about developing and nurturing trust between your business and your customer. A more personal approach is always going to garner more loyalty than merely pushing sales pitches.  ...

/ September 13, 2016

Digital Selling: How Ready is Your Business?

When developing your digital selling campaign, it’s best to understand that you’re starting from zero. No matter how advanced your traditional sales department is, you will often find that what works in that field will carry no weight and efforts...

/ September 13, 2016

Preparing for Google Penguin 4.0 and Its Benefits for a Dynamic Digital Selling Marketplace

What is Google Penguin and the bad old days of digital selling? When Google released Penguin in April 2012, it changed the idea of SEO marketing forever. Before digital sellers were able to cheat the system by flooding Google with...

/ September 12, 2016

Tips for Implementing a Sales Pipeline Management Strategy

Companies that use effective pipeline management grow 15% faster than those with ineffective pipeline management. But what exactly is a sales pipeline? A sales pipeline essentially involves the individual stages within the sales process from qualifying a prospect into a...

/ September 12, 2016

The Skills Sales Leaders Need for Social Selling

Social Selling is becoming an undeniable force in the sales industry. The once wary views of social media as an empty medium of passive interaction has faded as more and more sales leaders understand the scope that a well done social...

/ September 9, 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Digital Selling (and How to Avoid Them)

While making mistakes is inevitable in all aspects of life, it doesn’t mean you can’t avoid making them, especially when it comes to digital selling. Digital selling and social selling should be thought of as a science. There are certain...

/ September 6, 2016

12 Ways Data Scientists Can Help Your Digital Sales Team

As I have discussed in a previous blog post, data science is very important if you want to become successful at digital selling. Data scientists can save your sales and marketing professionals a lot of time and energy conducting tedious...

/ September 2, 2016