Digital selling takes place in the digital sphere. It’s in the name. In a digital selling strategy, sales and marketing teams use the internet to drive lead generation and sales. While these are all necessary aspects of a digital selling strategy, it is important to remember that in-person communication can drive even greater success.  

Building offline relationships can push your company further and convert leads into sales.


Use social media for initial contact 

If you’re involved in digital selling then you know the importance of social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are often used to distribute content and engage with potential customers about the industry and your product.  

Social media is an integral part of digital selling. Every B2B business should have a social media presence. Use social media as an initial point of contact with prospects. Let them know that you are open to pursuing a relationship both online and offline. Develop a conversation with them and use it to organize a meeting, in a social or professional setting, or schedule a phone-call.


Personality is best displayed in person 

While chatting online can be sometimes easier, let’s face it it’s easy to feel more confident behind the keyboard, your personality doesn’t always come across. In face-to-face interactions, body language can personify your personality. Being passionate about your product can create excitement among customers. Passion is greater portrayed in person.  

Written text across a screen can be misunderstood. Emojis are often used within online conversations to help convey a certain tone. When these are removed from the conversation within a professional setting, it can prove more difficult in understanding the tone of the conversation.  

Various studies have indicated the impact of electronic communication on our ability to perceive personality. Rodney Fuller (1996) found that those who use electronic media consistently misinterpreted other individuals’ personality within various personality dimensions. Wibowo and colleagues (2016) focused primarily on emojis and their influence on perception. Their results revealed that the emoji used during a digital conversation could influence participants’ perception about a person’s friendliness or sincerity. 

While using emojis in a social setting may be acceptable, it is less acceptable in a professional context. A smile in a face-to-face setting can portray warmth and kindness but this is not the case when inserting a smile into digital text. In a recent study published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, researchers found that the use of smiley faces in a professional environment portrayed incompetence and undermined information sharing.  

Despite professional conversations moving to social networks, the rules of professional context still apply. You need to conduct yourself professionally at all times. Of course, personality can be displayed in writing, just avoid using emojis to do so.  

Meeting in person and face-to-face is still the best way to portray your persona and the passion you hold for your product. Organize a networking event and invite other businesses within your industry. Converse on a one-on-one basis and let other businesses see for themselves the passion you hold for your product. It’s a great way to push buyers through the sales funnel.


Grasp opportunities 

Take the opportunity to be involved in the public events that your company may be hosting. You won’t be the only company hosting networking events. Attend the networking events hosted by other businesses in your industry. Get your face out there. Being able to apply a face to a name further personalizes you with buyers, and along with personalization comes greater trust and an opportunity to build a relationship.  

These industry events can also strengthen your digital selling strategy. Approach these events as both learning and networking opportunities. Engage with other thought leaders at any opportunity you can, be it to drive a sale or simply communicate. Creating awareness of your brand within your industry only furthers your business’ prospects and drive sales.


Orla Murphy

Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at Connectors Marketplace writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.


Orla Murphy

Posted by Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at Connectors Marketplace writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.

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