Content marketing is now the standard in today’s marketing practices. Sales leaders have pushed content as one of the most important aspects of today’s digital marketing, but it’s one thing for your business to produce content and quite another for your content to have the ability to produce sales.

It’s important to factor in content marketing is the reality that millions of blog articles and other content that flood the internet. With the popularity of content marketing and the self promotion encouraged by the internet, you have to realize that simply writing an article and releasing it out into the internet isn’t going to get the job done.

The only way for you to cut through the clutter of the internet was by focusing your content. Find your audience and write your content towards what they would be interested in. When you have created the content for your audience, you then have to remember not to flood them with your content, make sure you time your releases and have some awareness of what articles are most appropriate for a given time.

Content marketing is executed by bringing consumers into the sales process by publishing and positioning content that would build your reputation as a valuable source. Make sure your content has a wide reach, primarily by making it easily translatable on social media platforms. Cast your net as wide as you can, reach as many people as possible and draw in good leads with QUALITY content.

Before you can even think of properly pulling off a content marketing roll-out, you have to respect your audience. In order to attract good sales leads, you have to produce knowledgeable and interesting content that will engage your potential leads. These leads are flooding with cheap, flimsy, unreadable content loaded with keywords on a daily basis. They’re smart enough to filter out the garbage, so make sure your content is of a certain standard before you push it.


Below are a few guidelines to follow when creating content:


Use good titles

While today’s content writers pray at the altar of SEO, try to make sure that your headlines are actually interesting for your audience, not only to the Google search engine. While using keywords are important in being heard, you have to make sure that your content is up to par, starting with the title. A title is very often all you have to draw in a potential sale. Craft a title in a way that is both beneficial to the reader and a unique insight into the topic.


Write in your own voice

Today’s readers aren’t going to stick with a dull, informed voice when they are reading your content. That’s a voice that they ca get anywhere, why would they stick with yours? Write in the same way that you would like to be spoken to, conversational but also insightful. Once you break down the formality of your writing, this style is a simple as writing in the way you speak. Your content will stand out by presenting yourself as a confidant, center your writing around that goal.


Make your content longer

This how you can push your quality content towards the top of a Google search. The common flood of content is often below 500 words. By crafting long form content in the range of 1000 words you will be able to craft quality level content while also drawing the attention of Google, as they ten to favour long-form articles. This need to write longer content may have to force you to adjust your writing style, producing more content in shorter time, so take the time to become knowledgeable in your field. Off hand knowledge will make things a lot more easier when creating some fleshed out articles.

Use pictures and graphics in your articles

Quality isn’t focused solely on the writing. Make sure you put out a polished product, using headings, images and media. While original content is always king and will allow for you to present yourself in a better light, there are plenty of online resources where you can find high quality images. It will give your content a bit more glamour and gives a more presentable style that will keep your readers intrigued.

Create a vision for your content

Remember that it is important to consider the marketing aspect of content marketing. You are using your writing and production skills to ultimately sell a product, so make sure that your content will present your product in the most favourable light. While it’s easy to chase the topic of the day for page views and clicks, unless you can bring it into some context of your product, just save it for your personal blog. Have a vision for what you want your product to be perceived as and craft your content towards presenting it in that light.

Promote your content

While it’s nice to look out at your hard work as it enters into the internet, the reality is that your work isn’t half done. Now is the time to promote your content. Go to your social networks and post your article. Go to message boards and blogs that have a focus on the topic and post your article. Build a conversation around what you are writing about. This aspect of content writing is just as important as the content, as it will allow you to position yourself as an accessible source on a matter and one of the best opportunities to gain good sales leads. Be cognizant of the impact your content is making and take advantage of it when the time is right.

Use data to improve your content

Once you start producing content, it is important to take the data you get from your content and use it to improve the presentation of your content. Data will tell you what works. The best marketers and writers have found their audience over time and now write to that audience. Make sure that you are constantly analyzing your data and factoring it into what makes up your content, eventually utilizing into to bring in more sales.


Final thoughts…

When putting together your content you have to understand that this is field is incredibly competitive. Your hard work putting together articles and blog posts will very likely be given only a few seconds of consideration by your potential clients, so make sure your content is interesting, of strong quality and can draw your sales leads in with an engaging style. By honing the skills of content marketing, you will find that your selling skills will have improved throughout and you will be able to garner results while being dynamic enough to evolve for the next epoch of digital selling.


Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.


Terrence Smith

Posted by Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.

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