Converting leads is the most important part of digital sales. While from the outside converting seems like an arbitrary response to a customer’s needs. In actuality by following a few simple tips, you can take control of the process and increase your sales.


Tip #1: Put an emphasis on customer service

This is an aspect that should be applied to any sales process regardless of the product. By going above and beyond on your customer service, you will not only guarantee hot leads to be converted, as they won’t be turned off and frustrated by an over-complicated website or poor communication, but you will also build a table of steady customers who appreciate the ease of their transaction.

Improvement of customer service can range from maintaining a simple and clear website, with all relevant information within a click to access. The ordering process should use a s few pages to click through as possible and registration shouldn’t be mandatory but come with an incentive, such as the ability to track your order.

A quick response time is also integral in the conversion process. By creating interaction with your leads as fast as possible once they’ve expressed an interest, you will guarantee their attention and prevent their eyes wandering to your competitors. It’s also important to apply positive service proactively, not just in response to a question or complaint.


Tip #2: Create a sales procedure and stick to it

While there is a certain improvisation involved in converting leads, in reality the most successful digital selling businesses are quite rigid in their selling processes. By having a clearly defined goal along with a distinct and consistent sales plan, your conversions will be more focused and eventually more often. Find a strategy that works, and implement it on a company level. By having individual sales reps testing out different styles you’re allowing for a major risk in customer interactions. A dynamic and evolving procedure that produces results goes a lot farther than wit in digital sales.


Tip #3: Never stop nurturing

The vast majority of leads never become sales for digital sellers. Why would an interested party not be able to be convinced into buying a product? A primary factor can be contributed to the lack of nurturing. Not all leads are the same. Very rarely do you come across a lead that has to be walked across the finish line of a sale. Most leads may not be completely ready to buy, which gives you the opportunity to position yourself as the premier option when they are.

If a lead falls through in the early stages it is still a lead. From that point you have to build a relationship, present your knowledge through a vibrant website with blog posts and videos, and generally make your business a source of information in your field. By making your online presence a one stop shop, you cut out the competition totally and create an even closer connection between you and your leads. Occasionally reaching out to personalize the relationship will also pay off. Nurturing shouldn’t be looked at as a long term sale. Instead it should be treated as standard protocol for all leads. From there the sales will come.


By perfecting these three tips you will give yourself an edge in a crowded and competitive digital sales market. Remember to constantly reflect on your results and constantly develop and improve your techniques. Converting leads isn’t as difficult as it seems, as long as you understand what it takes.


Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.


Terrence Smith

Posted by Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.

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