The best digital sellers know that producing quality content is important to generate leads. But, it’s just as important to make sure that your content stands out. Your competition possesses just as much talent as you do. Never be so arrogant as to think that writing up a good article is enough. When leads browse online, they are flooded with so much content that even the finest pieces of writing can be glossed over. So how can you make the most of what you produce? The answer lies in selling your content and drawing leads in.

You have to look at your content as a gateway to your product. It will inform potential leads and develop your reputation as an informed source on a topic. Developing that brand takes time. With so many out there looking to accomplish the same thing, we have now reached the point where your gateway now needs a gateway. You have to bring people to your content. You have to engage your audience and force them to interact with your work. I have put together a short list below of some simple ways that you can achieve this. This list can help to develop an audience regardless of your target. It will also ensure that the best leads will stick around.



This is one of the easiest ways you can build a consumer base. While it doesn’t factor greatly in terms of engaging your buyer, it will draw them in and bring more attention to your brand. This is vitally important during the early stages. The audience that enters the contest will be giving you their contact info. By simply including the option for your business to follow-up with deals and promotions, you will have ensured a collection of leads from which you can build.



An easy way to inform and engage your leads. The key when producing an infographic is to focus on interactivity. You could simply post up your stats and add a few colors to a chart. Your consumers may also simply ignore them. By taking the time to just make something happen when you place your cursor above a point in your graphic, you establish an audience properly engaged with your product. They may devote more of their valuable time to your content, while also gaining a more informed perception of your product and reputation.



While it is one of the more difficult suggestions provided, having a simple yet addicting game associated with your brand can be a great way to draw in leads and build your audience. In the early stages of brand building, your outreach needs to be as expansive as possible. By developing a game that has an association with your product, yet follows the formula of the simple and addicting successes of the past, you can have a popular and incredibly engaging promotional tool. While it’s understood that a majority of your audience may have only interacted with the game, there will still be a large amount of good leads that are introduced to your product through something like this.



One of the most well-known techniques in engaging your buyers. It’s important to instill the same quality into your video content. After all, they are slowly becoming interchangeable. Provide content that is entertaining but also informative. Be they simple how-to guides or speeches on the importance of a product or technique, even something funny (thread carefully). A good video can gain a lot of traction in a very short period. It is very important that you make an effort to engage with your viewers. Provide an opportunity for them to submit their contact information for follow-up content or include YouTube annotations that will bring leads to your content. These little efforts will make the most out of your videos.



For those unfamiliar with this term, a configurator is an online source that will recommend a certain product based on the information that you provide it. Be it cameras or web applications, this technique can be applied to nearly every product. It is a simple way for you to exercise your influence in your product’s field. Some people simply aren’t going to sit through your content. So, look at this as a shortcut that can supplement your writing. Also make sure to take the extra steps of engagement. Send a user their results through email instead of telling them on the page, things like that.



This tool of engagement can bring your audience to you and in a round-about way also emphasize relevance your product. By having your audience supply their information in the form of a quiz or survey and analyzing it to determine where they stand in a particular field, you are determining whether you are dealing with a quality lead and building your reputation with the user as someone who is an expert in said field. Make sure to allow users to provide their contact info and follow-up with the best leads.


Online calculators

Money is the deciding factor in every business decision. Buyers have to weigh the cost of your product against the value it provides. What better way then to present a tool on your website that does exactly that? An interactive digital calculator that puts into real terms what your lead’s return on investment can be and will not only keep them on your website, but also put you a step ahead of your competition, particularly if you are insightful enough to include your competitor’s prices for comparison.


Interactive content

Best for content that is dense and information heavy. By taking a little time to chop up your content into interactive sections (then encouraging a user to click on an area to read it), you will be able to determine your good leads and figure out what aspects of your content draw the largest audience. Implement opportunities for your audience to provide information and engage with widgets, and your knowledge of your leads will extend far beyond page views.



Probably the most common technique when it comes to engaging with your audience. With an endless amount of topics to target, you can easily build a base of customers by developing an insightful questionnaire with an interesting result. While it’s easy to fall into the temptation of “What kind of animal are you?” and the popularity and clicks that come with it, take the time to develop a range of quizzes that centre around your product. Use them as an opportunity to learn more about your audience and allow them to compare their results to other users. A static quiz on a popular topic brings an audience without results. Take advantage of the opportunity these addictive quizzes contribute and utilize the information as a part of your digital selling strategy.

It’s important to understand that some of these methods of engagement might not suit the tone of your content. Take the time to develop what you want your brand to be viewed as and implement these styles accordingly. These suggestions are readily achievable, but do not do them cheaply. Focus on developing these skills in the same way you will for all of your digital selling techniques. Digital Selling is an all-encompassing, cohesive effort. One weak link could damage every aspect.


Terrence Smith

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