So you’ve done a great job of harvesting your lead. They know what your product can contribute and what the impact of implementing it will be in their budget. There’s only one thing left. This is the point where your time and effort should pay off. Taking you one step closer to hitting your quota. If you think you’ll be simply walking over the finish line, you’ll likely be left confused and empty handed, wondering where you went wrong.

Closing is the most important aspect of digital sales. It’s important to use your knowledge and experience to avoid any pitfalls that will allow your lead to opt-out at the last second. By developing a strong closing pitch that re-emphasizes the importance of your product and is nuanced to the point where your lead doesn’t feel they are being pushed or you are desperate, you won’t have to worry about wasting all the work you’ve doneĀ on something that was there for the taking.

Below are a few phrases that you can build your pitch around. Simple questions and statements that will reaffirm your buyer’s commitment and ensure that you get that sale.


Mention a feature that piqued their curiosity, then confirm the earliest date they can be implemented

Taking a moment to remind your lead of the benefits that drew them to your product, you will take their mind from the sale and back to what you are selling. Also emphasize how quickly it can be implemented. This can bring them an improved experience and return on investment the faster things finalize.


Use your leads deadlines to confirm when the sale should be finalized

You should have a relationship with your leads and that’s important in knowing their needs and constraints. By gleaming this valuable detail from your conversations, you can press the urgency of closing the sale. Their time is as valuable as yours. By putting the onus of getting things up and running, you can expedite the closing process.


If you can offer a throw-in for an immediate sale, offer it

This technique can vary depending on your product. If this is a particularly large deal, do everything in your power to reel them in and prevent the lead from going to your competition. A simple discount of some aspect or added feature will do the trick. Make sure that management has a say on this. Don’t go on solo runs when it comes to giving away anything.


Offer to immediately send them the contract

Build on the forward momentum of the selling process. By seamlessly transitioning from closing to signing you can alleviate any awkwardness and imprint a level of urgency upon your lead. They are interested enough to get to this point, what’s the point of having anymore time to think?


Offer them a guarantee, but only if they sign today

It is very likely that your lead has mentioned some specific needs from your product that are directly tailored for them. By taking advantage of this and guaranteeing that their needs will be met if they sign immediately, you can strengthen your relationship with the lead while also confirming a sale.


Offer your help

The best digital sellers know that the selling process should never come across as a selling process. They should position themselves as a lead’s trusted advisor and a beneficial connection. Point this out again during the closing process to put your lead at ease. Remind them why they have come to this point with you.


Directly ask them to commit

A risky one if not used in the right context. Sometimes a simple direct question is enough to seal the deal. But understand your lead and make sure that they are the type of person that will reply positively to it. While some will respect it, others may feel that it comes across as desperate and forceful. Gauge your client and execute accordingly.


Ask if they’d give you a chance

A much more disarming way of asking for a commitment, this comes across as less cold and concrete, while also building up the lead’s perception that they are in a relationship, not a selling scenario.


Ask when you should get started

Takes the emphasis from the closing and brings the buyer into the installation process. By avoiding directly asking for confirmation and shifting the conversation, you will have gained the sale without the tension and can allow your business to do what they do best.


Play on their fears

Mention something negative that could happen to your lead’s business if they didn’t have your product and how you would hate to see something like that happen to them. Then mention the speed that it can be prevented if they sign up for your product immediately. Fear and the feeling of things being out of their control plays heavily on the minds of your leads. Make sure to let them know that your product can take care of some of those concerns.


Offer to deal with their complaints, if they sign the deal

The selling process is never smooth. All of your leads will have some objections, however minor, with your product. So offer to sort out any of those problems, but only with a guarantee. It brings them back into the buyer-advisor relationship and shows that you value them as someone worth going the extra mile for. Do make sure you can accomplish this fix before saying anything.


Offer them a choice between two of your products

By shifting the conversation from a yes/no on your products into a choice between two of them, you can dominate their decision making process. While it may lose a big sale, it can guarantee a sale of some nature and a continued relationship with a lead.


Ask them if there’s any reason why they wouldn’t do business with you

This is a simple one. If they reply with No then you have your sale. If they reply with yes then you can take the opportunity to discuss their objections and bring the conversation back to the close. Maintains the conversation while concisely breaking down any opposition from the lead.

Always remember to use some finesse when closing. Not all of the techniques offered may fit into the context of your sale, so have some awareness of who you are talking to and what can bring out the best response. If you have the ability to take a lead to this point then you already know that it wasn’t an all-applicable script that fostered this relationship. Never take a lead for granted as some sort of faceless customer. Remember what got you here and put the same effort that you put into understanding and selling your product into understanding your lead and sealing your sale.


Terrence Smith

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