Month: October 2016

How To Identify A Prospect’s Pain Points

To sell your product you need to know that your prospect needs it. If there is no need then your prospect has no reason to even listen to your sales pitch, never mind actually buy the product. So an important...

/ 26th October 2016

Dynamic Content: Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve heard about how important having engaging content is to your marketing strategy, but it’s no good if it’s not useful to the people who see it. You want your content to be relevant to the person reading it. But...

/ 25th October 2016

What Digital Sellers Need to Know About Business

As a digital seller it’s important to know your product inside and out. But you also have to know the difference between informing your lead about your product and actually selling it. It’s risky ground to simply think that your...

/ 21st October 2016

3 Reasons Why Digital Analytics Will Boost Your Lead Generation

In recent years social selling has been the focus of most company’s sales and marketing strategies. Focusing on building relationships with potential customers through social media platforms was seen as the way to generate the most, and best quality, leads....

/ 19th October 2016

Building An Effective Sales Development Team

Sales Development is not new. With more technology available to make the process easier, it’s becoming a go-to for a lot of B2B companies. It’s an important system to develop. It helps in making your whole sales process quicker, more...

/ 17th October 2016

Stage-Based Marketing: Engaging With Your Buyers on Their Terms

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for a customer to have most of the buying process done before they’re in contact with a sales rep. They don’t want to be inundated with sales pitches. They prefer to┬ádo research themselves...

/ 12th October 2016

How to Define Yourself as a Digital Seller

Digital Sellers know what it takes to secure a sale. They present the problem to their lead and then emphasize that their product is important enough to fix their problem. It’s obviously more complicated than that. From this general template...

/ 12th October 2016

6 Steps to Implementing an Effective Lead Scoring System

One of the most time consuming things your sales and marketing teams have to do is search through all of the leads that come their way. They need to figure out which ones are most likely to buy, which need...

/ 10th October 2016

What Not to Do When Engaging Your Leads

One of the earliest of accomplishments for digital sellers is gaining leads. They have crafted content and defined their brand to the point where they have built an audience to harvest sales. The next step is making sure that hard...

/ 10th October 2016

Sender Score: The Metric That Keeps 72% of Emails out of Your Inbox

While email has become the standard of communication, people leave the majority of messages they have received unread. Often times without even reading the subject. Due to the filtering services provided by most email clients, long gone are the days...

/ 10th October 2016