In this digital selling lead generation, we often find that convenience of online purchases include a trade-off with a certain coldness that comes from a transaction through a computer screen. Today’s sales leaders understand this and have taken steps to develop a friendlier environment for digital consumers. Thus, building closer relationships and brand loyalty that can overlap even the ease of product comparisons and competitive selling techniques.

Despite the example set by sales leaders, many eCommerce companies tend to put aside these proven digital selling techniques and take their consumers for granted. This outdated approach will leave many businesses in the dust as forward thinking businesses look towards satisfying their target audience by making the effort to understand the needs of the market and how customer’s behavior is evolving.

Building and maintaining relationships with your clients is a fast-moving process. The techniques that worked two or three years ago have faded into irrelevancy as new tools and opportunities have arisen. For example, social selling is a dynamic factor in the idea of digital selling and client relationships today. Only a few years ago it was only a blip in most businesses’ marketing plans. By following a few simple rules your business will develop a loyal customer base. This will allow your eCommerce company to reach its full potential.


Understand that your customers don’t have time

Today’s potential customers live a busy lifestyle that doesn’t afford them much time for the luxury of shopping around. Most know what they want and simply want to purchase it as quickly as possible. By focusing your message on your customer base’s most important and relevant needs, you will cut through the white noise of digital marketing and create a relationship where you understand and satisfy their most basic needs.


Your customers are brands themselves

When dealing with customers, understand that you are not dealing with the faceless masses. Each interaction is with someone with a specific personality. Each comes with their own unique content, be it through their Twitter feed, Snapchat profile or Youtube channel. Your customer’s personal content allows for your brand to expand by having an understanding of their ability to promote you. Align your business with customers that have strong personal brands and your message will echo beyond and open you up to new opportunities.


When customers talk, listen

Social media has made it easier than ever for you to communicate with your customers, so utilize it. A major turnoff for today’s buyer is being left with the impression that his voice is not being heard. So when they say something positive, acknowledge it. When they say something negative, acknowledge it. By creating a conversation with your customers you will be indirectly promoting your business while also satisfying the concerns of your customers.


The truth is out there

Long gone are the days where a business can say anything when promoting their product and the public will accept it, no questions asked. Today’s customers are more informed and cynical when it comes to eCommerce. They now have the ability to debunk any misconceptions with the click of a mouse. So be truthful, be forthcoming. Understand that your reputation rests on every statement you make. Before anything else, a loyal customer trusts you.


Evolve with the channels of communication

Today’s customers use multiple platforms to access content. It should be standard that your business’ website has a mobile platform. Your customers should have the ability to communicate with your brand through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social network or means of communication. Become an early adopter. Not only will it grant you every opportunity to communicate with your customers, you will also align yourselves with potential customers who identify themselves as early adopters.


Do not overwhelm your customer

A person’s average inbox is flooded with emails on a daily basis. Oftentimes with information barely related to them. Customers have adapted by filtering out messages deemed unimportant and forcing your business to get through a small window. Don’t send just anything to your customers, particularly if it’s through a personal avenue. Focus on the most relevant information for each user. This gives your communications a more important perception as your customers are flooded with information.


Treat social networking as a welcoming opportunity

Too often, businesses treat their social media accounts as an outlet to scream their message into the empty mass of information while not taking the time to maximize the medium’s potential. Your customers already have an understanding of what you can contribute when they followed your account. Take the time to create a closer relationship with your followers. Make them feel like they are a part of a brand instead of subscribed to a commercial. Encourage discussion, ask customers’ opinions, anything you can to make the most of this opportunity you have to enter someone’s life.

As digital selling evolves, your company’s relationship with it’s customers will only become more important. As the landscape of this field changes, many businesses will be left behind, while those who have taken advantage and created a comfortable brand based on a strong relationship with a loyal base will thrive. In a quickly evolving industry, one of the oldest factors in good business may become the most important.


Terrence Smith

Posted by Terrence Smith

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