Digital Sellers know what it takes to secure a sale. They present the problem to their lead and then emphasize that their product is important enough to fix their problem. It’s obviously more complicated than that. From this general template sellers face a more daunting task in securing sales – each other. The competition between sellers is the toughest part of digital selling. As you develop your skills, you have to take the extra steps to stand out to your leads. Below are some ways that you can help develop your brand as a digital seller and start bringing in the leads.


Ignore the competition

While this may seem like a poor way to differentiate from your competition, you will find that the majority of your leads are not interested in sellers talking down the competition. They don’t go to you to hear your opinion on others. They want to know about what you have to offer. Take the dignified approach. Sell yourself and your product. Come across in a way that whatever the competition has to offer is irrelevant to the competition. Your leads will respect it and as you perfect your approach you will become only topic of conversation in your discussions with sales.


Don’t overload your leads with questions

Very often sellers take time to craft thoughtful questions to draw in their leads, only to waste them by hitting their lead with two or three of these questions in succession. This can distract the lead and prevent them from truly ingraining themselves into the sale process. Take your time, don’t rush to hit your points. Develop an organic, conversational style that is a give and take between you and the lead. Draw them in the same way that you feel you can be drawn in.


Explain how your product can help your lead

It’s simple to explain what your product can do. Memorize the features listing and then parrot them off to your leads. This is something that can be accomplished by your lead reading a product description. Your job as a seller is to differentiate yourself from a robotic information dispenser. This is done by approaching this aspect of selling by emphasizing what the product can do to benefit your lead, not just simply what it does. Take the time to understand why your lead is interested. Know what issues they have and why your product is the best way to solve them. You’re a digital seller, the job is in the name. You sell your product, that takes a lot more than simply informing.


Make every conversation beneficial

You should always seek to have your lead leave every interaction without feeling as though they haven’t wasted their time. Approach every situation with the intention of adding a benefit to your lead, even if it doesn’t seem related to your selling process. Part of being a digital seller is being an informed source your leads can depend upon, and by having a wealth of knowledge to offer your leads on any of their issues you will be bringing along the sales process in a way that is comfortable and natural for both you and your lead.


Use your personality

While it’s important to be totally informed and a reliable source of information, building your relationship with leads requires more than that. That means being someone that your lead would like to be friends with. Don’t hesitate to use a timely joke or let aspects of your personality leak out in conversations. Loosen up your leads and make them comfortable around you. The best digital sellers have crafted a persona that combines knowledge with charisma. When you have perfected this you will have become someone that your lead will want to do business with.


Be there when you say you will be

One of the most simple but effective ways to stand out to your leads. When you have a scheduled interaction, be on time. You never want your lead are felt that they are being left hanging or that they have to chase you just to have an interaction, that they are somehow beneath your efforts. This is a part of making your lead feel that they are important to you and this is one of the easiest ways to make this clear. It’s not too much to follow through on what you’re saying and by applying this to your selling techniques you will become someone that is dependable and trusted for anyone you do business with.


Know your industry

This keeps the lead within your grasp. You can never risk having your lead wasting valuable time by explaining things that they already know and expect you to know yourself. You come across as an amateur, the worst thing that you can be perceived as. Know your product, know your field, never let your lead’s mind wander. By allowing your lead to be forced into seeking another source for information, you risk losing your status as a source of information to the competition and any chance you have of securing the sale.


Terrence Smith

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