As a digital seller it’s important to know your product inside and out. But you also have to know the difference between informing your lead about your product and actually selling it. It’s risky ground to simply think that your product can sell itself, regardless of its quality, so take some time to check out these helpful business tips below to develop your business acumen and maximize your product’s selling potential.


Follow business news

Take some time to read your country’s respected business magazines. Almost every major city has a local business journal and every paper has a business section. Read the latest books released on business techniques. Devote just a bit of your time each day to staying a abreast of what’s going on in the world of business and use that window to develop a picture of how your product fits into that world. Understand that most of your clients are business professionals who read the same publications and share similar world-views. Put yourself into that perspective and craft your sales technique in a manner that appeals to it.


Read in general

As a digital seller you still have to play a more dynamic role than a fellow businessman. Read books and articles on real-life events and subjects that interest you. Take some time to build your knowledge and then analyze them from a business perspective. In almost any non-fiction book, the invisible hand of capitalism is always at play. Reading will help you become more well rounded, more interesting to your leads, and develop your ability to apply your understanding of business and selling to the world that surrounds you.


Look within your company to build up your business expertise

The beauty of working within a digital selling department is that it is just one wing of your business, with your target audience matching the characteristics of another. If there’s any specific topic in business that you’d like to brush up on, I’m sure your company has a procurement, accounting, finance or executive management department that you could look towards. While formal courses may be lacking, you still know how to sell. Be it by racking a co-worker’s brain for information or looking for book recommendations, sell your interest as being in the public good of the company and you should be able to quickly understand any business topics that may have been fuzzy to you.


Look for a mentor

Never hesitate to look for advice. Look towards your friends, family and associates for someone who you trust with a strong mind in business that you can turn to when you want to develop your acumen and just for helpful advice. Having a trusted source who understands you as both a person and seller can greatly benefit your skills, as they will know what you need to improve on as well as give you a more open and readily available view into the world of business.


Learn from your leads

You should already know that selling is about relationships and what better way to build a relationship than by letting your lead tell you about their work life. Take some time to ask them about the business field, how their company fits into it and what their perspectives are on big financial news stories. Not only will you be building your own business knowledge, but you will also be creating a richer relationship with your lead, one of nuanced back and forth that will provide you with valuable information when the time comes to clinch the sale. Don’t make these conversations about selling your product. Set it as a goal of informing yourself. Do avoid asking any overtly obvious questions.


Take notes

Don’t just take consuming this information as enough to build your business knowledge. Spend some time to process what you are consuming. Take notes on important points from conversations. Underline or highlight what you feel is important in what you read, then come back to it later and take the time to critically think about it. Don’t just digest information, understand it and then apply your knowledge of your product to define it’s place. Don’t waste your time spent gaining knowledge to simply let it evaporate into empty talk.


Go to school

The only option that will expend extensive time and money. It can be beneficial to go back to school and get an MBA and will place you as an equal in knowledge with anyone you interact with. Even if you don’t have that time or money, you could take short term classes from your local college to stay on top of what’s being taught in the business world. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to have a thorough knowledge of business, and understand that if you want to become a peak digital seller, knowing both sides of the conversation is a necessary step.


Terrence Smith

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