Month: October 2017


Digital Minds – Who is the Modern Buyer?

B2B sales have changed drastically in the past decade. Cold-calling as a lead generation tool no longer cuts it. Sales people have had to abandon the telephone and break into the world wide web. Identifying your target audience and appealing...

/ 31st October 2017

Reach Multiple Decision Makers with Digital Selling

Multiple decision makers are becoming increasingly involved in B2B decisions. An average of 6.8 people is involved in the decision-making process during the B2B buying journey. This number is steadily rising. In 2013, an average of 5.4 people was reported...

/ 31st October 2017

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business 

An effective digital marketing strategy is vital to achieving your business objectives in the current digital era. Trying to choose the right marketing channel for your business can be overwhelming, particularly so with the great number available to choose from....

/ 30th October 2017