What is digital selling?

The presence of digital within our lives has led to a different way of looking to a business strategy. Due to this, a business strategy shouldn’t be seen as a single component. It is a fusion of both business and digital. This ultimately creates a digital selling strategy.

Through a digital selling strategy, a business can create extended business networks. This is made possible due to the transformation of business strategies, business processes, firm capabilities, products, and services.

A business selling strategy will connect your customers with you and your business through digital means. It is the liaison between your business departments: marketing, procurement, logistics, operations and the IT processes that take place within your business: order management, customer service. In time, the digital selling strategy will become one with your business strategy.

An advantage of digital selling is that it connects your business with businesses by breaking traditional boundaries and bringing communication to the online and digital environment, making it faster, easier, complex and present.


Ways to build an effective digital selling strategy

Your business should go through a process of change from traditional sales processes to digital ones. Be aware of the constant changes that are taking place in the digital sector. Your business should aim to keep up with the trends. 

With around 2 billion internet users worldwide, lead generation efforts have moved to the digital marketplace. Cold-calling B2B buyers is no longer effective as they move their buying process online. Instead, use proven digital tactics based on an innovative process of selling. Develop a unique way to promote your and attract customers. Establish a distinction between you and your competitors.

Focus on understanding your customers and their needs. Establish a profile of your target customers using data and insights gathered by your sales department. Another way to do this is through social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Your online presence will bring you closer to your customers and help you to better understand your audience’s interests. The internet is highly resourceful so make use of all it has to offer to engage to with customers.

Use your digital channels to promote your business, offer solutions and engage with customers. Monitor reviews and align with advocates that have enough power to share their views and be as present as possible in online media.

Create content that matters to your audience and prospective customers. Focus on both visual and written content. Curate content from third parties to show that your focus is on your customer’s needs. Make use of case studies and interact with customers through webinars.


Digital selling importance for business

As was previously outlined, the digitalization of the business sector has forced businesses to focus their time and resources on digital selling as in order to engage with their customers.

A business should keep up with customers’ continuous evolution and changing needs in a the digital business world.  

Digital marketing/selling is important for a business because:

  • It creates a competitive environment for businesses and makes them evolve in order to face the changes brought about by digitalization.
  • It doesn’t require the same level of capital to invest as traditional selling once did. Most of the sales and marketing operations take place online and are accessible to everyone.
  • The main objective of digital marketing is to generate leads through the business’ online activity and eventually convert them into sales. The marketing team’s role is to make sure that the right content reaches the prospects during the appropriate times of their buyer journey.
  • The infinite ways of promoting and engaging with customers through digital marketing can make a business become successful in terms of revenue.
  • Digital marketing can even reaches customers even through their mobile devices and which are used daily for researching purchasing decisions.
  • A business can build its brand reputation through digital once it complies with its customers’ requirements and maintains a high business status.


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

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