Sales enablement is a complex practice. To obtain the best results, follow the best practices outlined below:


Make sure your information is relevant

As a marketer, you should make sure that you have ongoing communication with the sales team. Your role shouldn’t just consist of gathering information about customers from various websites. The relevance of this information should be your top priority.

The main objective of sales enablement is to allow your sales team to close more deals with greater efficiency. It is your role to translate the digital clues that prospects offer to you while you are communicating with them.


Make sure that your selling technique is part of your business

Observe the activity of your sales representatives. Identify the best practices used by your top reps and see how you can transfer them to everyone in the sales department. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to predict the steps that prospects will undertake when it comes to your business and to identify opportunities to improve your strategies.

You should not only focus on creating a brand that generates a profit. You should also focus on delivering a service that encourages customers to return. It is not only about focusing on creating a brand that generates a profit but more about having faithful customers that keep coming to you.


Create a connection between your company, sales reps, and prospects

  • Use email templates as they are easy to draft and they can be frequently used
  • Describe your company using fast facts. This is possible through a fact sheet or the About Us page on your website.
  • With the help of your prospects database, create customized messages and send them accordingly.
  • For your prospects to explore your products and services, make sure that your website includes customized messages. An example of this would be: “Check out these new products.”
  • Make sure that your company is accessible to everyone. Include all the information that newbies would like to find out, along with testimonials from former customers or employees. This will offer everyone an insight regarding your company’s activity.
  • Test the tools that you are using for sales enablement. This can be done with the help of small groups of representatives before launching them to your entire team. This allows you to build your credibility and acknowledge your efforts.
  • Give your sales team access to the appropriate tools and prospect information. Put it in environments that your team is familiar with such as CRM, Microsoft Outlook and even mobile devices.
  • Offer enough time for your team to test the tool’s efficiency.  Once tested, make them available to your entire team to use as best practices.


Keep up with the changes that happen in sales enablement

By now, everyone has acknowledged the impact that digital media has had on the the business industry. In this instance, digital does not only refer to the use of computers. The use of mobile devices has increased rapidly. You should provide your sales team with mobile device access at all times, even when they go for lunch. Your team should be in touch with the online activity of prospects at all times as to know what actions to take.

Another important asset for sales enablement is social networks. You should consider integrating your CRM with social platforms as many of your customers and prospects are using social media for professional purposes. With the help of social networks, your team can easily communicate with customers while also analyzing their behavior based on their online activity.



Your sales team should be sufficiently able to extract the information that they need about prospects using various sources. This information can be used to convert them into customers.

Your marketing team should create buyer personas and identify scenarios where problems may occur during the different stages of the buying process. This can help when providing solutions to address the issues in a fast and efficient way should they arise.

Sales enablement is part of the prospect-sales-marketing dialogue. This process should be carried out while remaining mindful that many prospects are not looking to buy a product, but seeking ways to solve a problem. Therefore, the process of marketing should be conducted by taking into consideration the prospects’ interests, the ability of the sales team to sell, and the communication between prospects and the marketing department.


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

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