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A new year is a time of change, of setting new goals and evolving. Evolution and development are of high importance for marketers, sellers, and customers. New trends and new technologies are emerging every year. This requires marketers to constantly inform themselves and to adapt their digital marketing strategy accordingly.

I am also trying to keep up with all the changes that a new year brings to digital marketing and to keep myself informe as much as possible as I am a daily participant in the industry.

My predictions of what 2018 will bring to digital marketing are based on research and analysis of the industry’s behavior and on the development of technology from 2017. They can be seen below:


1. Big data will become even bigger

Until now, big data was mostly accessible to big businesses and major players, but advancements in machine learning and AI have made it available to small and mid-sized business owners. The number of marketing platforms that use big data will increase. To stay competitive, it is recommended that you use the information that big data delivers to you about customers.


2. The use of smart speaking devices will increase

Marketers should adapt communication strategy with their customers to include interfaces that don’t require a visual interface or physical inputs. It should be a priority to create voice searches and focus on voice commerce. Local and long-tail SEO and commerce will change, too.


3. The development of apps will increase

You may have noticed the increasing presence of apps in the past year. Not only do consumers rely on them on a daily basis but companies now use apps to reach their customers. That’s why I believe that in 2018 companies will focus on buying ads in popular apps to gain more exposure. An increasing number of brands will create their own apps to facilitate the purchasing process and offer their customers a platform to communicate.


4. The more unique and individualized e-commerce becomes, the greater the audience

In 2018, every marketer should focus on creating individual experiences for their customers and treat them as an individual as opposed to a market segment. Content should be smart. Rather than just pumping in some numbers, data should be integrated into content strategically. Native ads should replace traditional banner ads as they offer more exposure and engagement. Native ads rely more on smart content that can adapt to audiences that use cookies and they will address target audiences.


5. Mobile-based digital marketing will gain power

2018 will set a new trend in mobile-based marketing, with more and more people relying on their mobile devices to inform themselves, make a purchase, travel, and so on. Google calls these micro-moments, the moment in which a customer decides to use their mobile device for all the above-mentioned actions. Once your marketing strategy focuses on these micro-moments, then you can easily and quickly respond to your customers.


6. Content producers will fight for visibility

Content marketing will drop from being a top strategy due to oversaturation. As a result, the fight will no longer be for more visibility in a new space but rather increasing the online presence and influence of the brand with the help of influencers that have already developed a reputation and built an online audience. For access to better management of content, influencers will be forced to monetize on social media.

7. Consumers want to communicate directly with their favorite brands – they are looking for one-to-one communication and personalized experiences

Chatbots play an important role. Chatbots offer consumers a personal experience without companies having to invest a lot. In 2018, the trend will be that more and more companies and brands will opt for chatbots in order to maintain their customers and increase their engagement with the business.


8. Customers are expecting more from the companies and brands that they are engaging with

The discussion no longer revolves around empowering customers and offering them relevant information once they subscribe to newsletters, blog posts and so on. Now, the discussion focuses on the customer as an individual rather than talking about market segments. Content needs to be better researched and more relevant. It should educate those that access it and help them to develop a better understanding of the industry.


These are only a couple of shifts and changes that marketing will go through in 2018. Whether you consider these changes as being valid or not the main idea remains the same. As a marketer, you need to continuously observe customers and marketing trends to develop an understanding of your customers’ needs and identify how you can better respond.


2018 is knocking at your door.
Marketer, be ready and set your goals!
Happy New Year!


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Posted by Alexandra Strimbu

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