Are you not yet convinced of the benefits that paid search can bring to your business? This article will offer you all the information you need to know to make Google Adwords work for you and bring you results.

How do we know that Google Adwords works? Simply, by looking at its profits and by identifying the important companies that use it: Amazon, eBay, Apple, Microsoft and so on. The fact that successful companies use Adwords indicates that they are satisfied with the service.


Facts about Google Adwords

1. Google Adwords is a service that you have to pay for

The first thing that you should be aware of is that a good marketing campaign is not possible if there is no budget for it. Many marketing channels require a financial investment. If this is properly done, then it will generate a return on investment.


You can reduce the costs of your campaign by following these steps:


  • Research and develop an understanding of Google Adwords. Be sure that you know the terminology of Adwords and how it can be used in to your advantage. If you want to develop a deeper understanding, you can work towards receiving your Adwords certificate.


  • Use keywords that are a more restrictive match. Don’t use too many broad keywords. While they will target a broad audience; this may not necessarily be what you desire. To get relevant clicks, block searches that are not relevant to you and use exact keywords to narrow your audience. Monitor your keywords based on people’s activity and with the help of a Search Query Report.


  • Make sure your budget is realistic. Establish a daily budget for Adwords. Opt for manual bidding, as you are in charge there won’t be any surprises. Also, track the amount of money you spend and how efficient your actions are in comparison.


2. Good SEO and paid search increases profitability

Setting your keywords for your campaign is a complex process that requires attention and a good analysis of all the steps that you plan to take:


  • Bid on your brand names as your competitor may do so. You will want to bring the majority of those clicks to you since they are cheap.


    • Use PPC to determine which keywords are most profitable to for you and target them going forward.


  • SEO is useful for searches at the top of the funnel, whereas PPC helps with complex and high-converting keywords as ads are highly present and receive most clicks.


A very well optimized site for SEO purposes and an effective paid search strategy is the formula for success.

Not sure if this is working for you? Checking the organic and paid report from Google Analytics will provide answers to your questions.


3. Your main objective is to conduct an effective Google Adwords management that brings you conversions

The following issues could be preventing your paid search strategy from to bringing you results:


    • You don’t have a well-structured account. This could be due to a failure into targeting the right keywords for your campaign, opting for keywords that are too broad or have terms that are not connected. Another reason may be the absence of negative keywords to block searches that are not relevant.


    • Your ads are not connected with your keywords. When searching for shoes, the landing page that the person is directed to shouldn’t be discussing scarfs. For this reason, you should avoid grouping together numerous keywords and focus on relevant ones.


    • Your landing page is not created properly. You may have invested a lot of time and resources into designing your landing pages, but if you don’t get conversions all your hard work is will have been in vain. Test your landing pages and read your content to ensure it is relevant to your business and audience.


  • You are only relying on gaining conversions through search. This is just not enough and you should consider remarketing. Monitor your visitors with the help of cookies and relevant offers.


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

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