We have welcomed a new year and every business should look back on 2017. Once this has been done, there should be a digital marketing program created for this year.

Digital marketing is a combination of well-written content, a good SEO and AdWords campaign, and data. This year’s focus should be on integrating accounting and statistics in a business marketing strategy. Marketers should try and transform their marketing strategy following the evolution and change of technology.

While keeping up with all the changes that appear in digital marketing is can be hard, as a marketer you can still have a good strategy. In a previous article, I have tackled the new trends and changes that digital marketing is facing in 2018.


This article focuses on ways to improve your digital marketing program:


1. Acknowledge the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and be ready to embrace it when the time comes

The continuous increase of data and information makes it harder for the marketer to incorporate these resources in a single place. AI provides resources that can help marketing departments to get the most out of data and easily reach their goals.


2. Create personalized content and pair it with data to generate clicks and conversions

Though your blog content may be unique and well-written, if it is not delivered to your customer at the right time, its efficiency will be lost. Content should be created to meet your customers’ reading and knowledge needs. You can identify these needs by interpreting the data and insights gathered from your customer’s social media pages. This adds a new role to your marketing team: the data scientist. This person is responsible for interpreting metrics in such a way as to predict the consumers’ behavior and interests.


3. Opt for a mobile digital marketing strategy

The use of mobile phones for viewing digital media increased a lot in the past number of years. The agencies J Walter Thompson (JWT) and Mindshare discovered that 63% of online users search online using their mobile devices. That’s why your marketing strategy should also focus on engaging mobile audiences by adapting your content so that it is mobile friendly.


4. Focus on telling your users, visitors, and customers a story

Internet users are selective and are looking to find information that is of interest to them. They don’t want a huge amount of content when visiting a blog. They want content that matters to them, content that delivers what they are looking for and from where they can learn something. As a result, your blog posts should be concise, but entertaining and they should focus around your audience’s interests. You may even opt for going live as to engage with your audience, create a YouTube channel or use other social media tools to permanently keep in touch. You may even opt for going live as to engage with your audience. Therefore, you should create a YouTube channel or use other social media tools to permanently keep in touch.


2018 looks to be a year that will bring a lot of challenges for marketers as digital marketing continues to change and new technologies gain more and more power. As a result, marketing teams should adapt their strategies to these changes and continue to test which work best for them.


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Posted by Alexandra Strimbu

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