Video marketing is fast becoming the number one selling method in Digital Marketing circles. It is a popular method of reaching out and capturing consumers’ attention. If a consumer sees a company video online that really grabs their attention then they will want to research the company further and the goods and services that they provide.

There are some predicted new trends in video marketing that could surely be the next big thing in this field. It is advisable for marketers to research these and take advantage now before the competition does. These five new trends change how to approach video marketing and how best to appeal to the consumer.


Live video

Live video is fast becoming a new trend for marketers. Live video through social media platforms can be used to show consumers what goes on behind the scenes of a company and any exciting new projects. People now spend more time watching live video rather than pre-made video. Live video offers people the opportunity to interact with the company, to comment on or like what they see. This gives the modern consumer more power than the consumers of yesteryear.

For example, media events such as this year’s Golden Globes, can use live video to show people all the action as it happens. The more marketers that make use of live video, the better their chances of reaching out to consumers. If consumers feel involved, they will reach out to companies using live video.


360-degree videos

Secondly, 360-degree videos have become very popular. This creative way of capturing content has risen in popularity since its launch in 2014. The omnidirectional techniques capture quite a lot of ground and space and show viewers a lot in just a few minutes. Marketers could use this tool very effectively when advertising their goods and services. This creative video style would quickly capture the attention of consumers.


Virtual reality

How we watch and experience a video has also drastically changed due to the creation of virtual reality (VR) in which viewers can feel they are in/part of the video. The number of VR users is set to rise and with the invention of the Oculus Go. This is set to become more popular as consumers within the gaming community continue to praise the device.


Video mapping

Video mapping has also grown in popularity. Audiences not only like to watch videos but they also want to experience them. It is a technology adopted by many mainstream businesses. It can help with broadcasting/advertising messages from companies of all sectors. This innovative new technology has changed the process of message promotion. It will be interesting to see what they will hold for the not too distant future.


Video format

Finally, with the changes in how people view videos, video formats are also changing. People are now viewing more and more videos on their phones and tablets. Companies are ensuring their videos are formatted to be viewed on any device. Through social media, these videos have a higher chance of being viewed, leading to higher levels of audience engagement.


2018 is shaping up to be another successful year for video marketing. With the popularity of YouTube, this trend is set to grow. Live video and virtual reality will change the way that audiences view videos and lead to huge demand for more video content. If customers see video content that they enjoy they will share it on social media and other platforms.


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