In a previous article on our blog, we have discussed the factors that influenced SEO. This article will offer some advice for a better SEO strategy for 2018.

One thing is certain: search engine optimization is continuously evolving and changing as each year passes.

As a copywriter, marketer, business owner, journalist, editor or general content creator, you need to be informed about new trends and changes and have your content as unique as possible so as to not get penalized by Google. You should keep track of all of the Google’s algorithm changes and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. Identify what improvements are necessary for your SEO to be productive in a new context.

One thing that’s certain, this year SEO is still a mix of design, writing, and links.


SEO in 2018


  • Google continues to remain the big traffic referrer. Although LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook, are still good platforms to publish your content.
  • There was an algorithm change on Facebook a few weeks ago and it was discussed in one of my previous articles. This will help your SEO efforts, as long as the content you produce is of high quality.
  • Google’s RankBrain system will become even more important in 2018. It is measuring users’ interaction with search results and helps your content to rank in accordance with your users’ experiences, likes or dislikes of content.
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR) continues to be an important element of your SEO strategy. It is also influenced by RankBrain so try and have a good understanding of both.
  • Google is getting smarter and smarter. It not only measures the number of times that you have used a certain keyword, but it is focusing on showing users the best results. As a result, your content should cover an entire topic. In-depth content is better ranked in Google. Your goals should be to offer a thorough account of your topic and to write longer content.
  • The mobile version of your site will be considered the most important version even when the search comes from a desktop. This is part of Google’s mobile-first index strategy is going to be implemented in the near future. As a result, the content on your site’s mobile version should be easily accessible to your visitors. You shouldn’t hide it behind buttons, menus or expandable sections.



  • Online video will continue to grow in popularity. Below, you can see the predictions from Cisco concerning this matter. One of the best ways to produce content is with the help of your YouTube channel.  To increase your visibility, you may include videos in your blog posts.



  • Create and optimize your content specifically for YouTube. This will increase the number of visitors. Your video content should be of increased quality.


  • Voice search is gaining greater influence. SEO strategists are optimizing some of the content that they produce for voice search. Google’s algorithm voice search is looking for this type of content. Content that includes a question and an answer. Do this whenever you are posting.



Things to remember for a productive SEO in 2018


    • Use as much white hat SEO as possible since it will bring a more targeted audience to your site.
    • A good ranking starts with your title. You should include keywords in your writings’ titles. When the title is appealing, people will read your article. If it doesn’t get their attention, you need to opt for another one. If you don’t find inspiration you may test more titles and see how people react. This can be done without changing the entire content of your writing.
    • Focus on creating high-quality content. For better results, don’t just rely on written content. Include visual elements such as graphics and images. You may even create content that has text and a video.
    • Don’t put too much emphasis on counting the words of your article. Instead, try to create content that is of high quality and that is transmitting information that your will find interesting. A well-researched piece of writing will bring you more readers.
    • Include links to your own writing. It has been demonstrated that backlinks bring a high ranking in Google’s search. They should come as an additional support of your writing, offering it more legitimacy and accuracy.
    • It is extremely important for your site to be secure. Google is ranking better on a secured site. It is advised that you opt for an “https” page.
    • There is no longer a need to include a number of keywords. Keyword density is no longer important. Instead, focus on creating valuable and relevant content that can be linked internally by you and externally by those reading it. These actions will boost your posts. You can keep track of your keywords density with the help of the following formula:



  • For a good online presence, put the basis of a blog in connection with your website and be as active as possible by producing content that your followers may find interesting. This will also spare constantly updating your pages.
  • Social media is your best ally when looking to get exposure. This will help you with your ranking. Though, if not done correctly, it may have consequences. Once you make yourself visible through social media it will be much easier for you to appear in Google’s searches. You know that this part of SEO is done correctly once your content is shared and people link to your site.



Your success comes with the help of your writings’ creativity. Once you have that amazing piece of writing or video and you successfully promote it, then things will work out for you just fine.


Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

Alexandra Strimbu

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