6PX Digital is a workshop, conferencing and networking event hosted by the OrcaWise CEO, Kevin Neary. The focus of these events is to empower startups with the knowledge to adopt digital selling strategies that drive customer engagement and increased sales and revenues.

The third 6PX Digital event took place at the Bank of Ireland Workbench, 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin. Two speakers greeted the audience before each presenting their organization’s unique experiences with the digital selling transformation.


Kevin Neary – CEO, OrcaWise

The first speaker of the evening was Kevin Neary, CEO at OrcaWise. He kick-started the event by introducing his 6 Powers of Digital Selling™ Framework. This innovative framework is a modern blend of the four pillars of social selling, the four Ps of marketing and the four Ps of strategy.

Kevin focused on the buyer’s journey, outlining the importance of businesses adapting their sales process to the modern buying process. The traditional sales process can produce a disconnect with the modern buyer’s journey. It has become vital for sales teams to adapt to their new roles as industry experts and to educate the buyer using content such as blog posts, white papers, and case studies. This allows the sales process and the buyer’s journey to become greater aligned.

Developing a buyer journey model is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the sales process. Startups, or indeed any business who is looking to greater align their sales process with their buyers, should use existing buyer journey models and create a blend that best suits your business in reaching its target audience.


Colin Oliver – EMEA Social Selling Program Manager, Oracle

The guest speaker of the evening was Colin Oliver, EMEA Social Selling Program Manager at Oracle. Colin spoke about Oracle’s journey in shifting their business model from a low volume, high-value model towards a high volume, low-value model. This shift was a direct result of the digital transformation and its impact on the modern buying journey.


Colin introduced some insights into the modern buying journey:

  • The average B2B buying decision now involves six people.
  • Eighty percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before contacting the vendor.
  • There are seven touchpoints involved before a lead is qualified.


One great advantage of digital sales is the increased accessibility to data. While there is no specific method for measuring digital selling success, Colin discussed one particular useful measurement: the Social Selling Index (SSI). LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides users with an SSI score. The SSI score is developed using different criteria such as your LinkedIn activity, your posts, your level of engagement with other users’ content, and how successful you are at utilizing the Sales Navigator filters. Colin concluded by recommending various tools that can help businesses in their digital selling efforts.


The evening’s successful event was rounded off with an insightful Q&A with a very engaged audience.


Keep an eye on the 6PX Digital Eventbrite page for upcoming events.


Photo credit: Darko Knezevic, Workbench Manager (Bank of Ireland)


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