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How to Guide Buyers Through Their Buying Journey & Close More Deals

Understanding the B2B buying journey is essential when designing your digital selling strategy. Developing an understanding of who your customers are can help your business to tailor the buying journey to your target audience. When done correctly, this framework can...

/ 27th November 2017

How to Develop Digital Conversations and Build Trust with B2B Buyers

The digital platforms afforded to B2B companies engaged in digital selling can enhance the experience of their customers. The modern buyer has a range of expectations that your business needs to adapt to in order to deliver the best customer...

/ 20th November 2017

Digital Minds – Who is the Modern Buyer?

B2B sales have changed drastically in the past decade. Cold-calling as a lead generation tool no longer cuts it. Sales people have had to abandon the telephone and break into the world wide web. Identifying your target audience and appealing...

/ 31st October 2017

Five Ways to Prospect Effectively

Prospecting is an important part of outbound marketing for social selling, so it is important that the best people are carrying it out. While many businesses and B2B inside sales teams choose to group sales and prospecting into one role...

/ 12th July 2016

How Customer Intelligence Boosts Sales

The information age is upon us, and it isn’t slowing down. Modern times call for the use of customer intelligence if one wishes to be successful in reaching customers. As the market becomes more and more competitive, and potential buyers...

/ 15th June 2016

A Simple Guide To Online Lead Generation

Let me give you a simple guide to online lead generation since, with more competition and tighter budgets, the marketplace right now demands that sales and marketing teams take advantage of as many lead generation avenues as possible and make...

/ 7th June 2016

Reaching the Right Prospects with a Buyer Persona

If you’re not sure who you are selling to, then why are you selling to them? In order to really engage potential buyers for meaningful sales conversations, your sales team must first clearly establish a buyer persona. You might have...

/ 26th May 2016

Using Social Data to Leverage Generation C

One of the ways to grow your brand on social media is to use the huge amount of social data to target a new demographic. So, what about Generation C? Contrary to popular belief, Generation C is not some demographics...

/ 20th November 2015