What Is Relationship Mapping and How Can It Benefit Your B2B Business?

In B2B business, weak relationships with prospects and customers can lead to missed opportunities. The decision-making process for B2B buyers has become longer and more complicated. The relationship between buyers and your business has grown to be even more important.  ...

/ 7th December 2017

The Dynamic Digital Selling Duo – Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Many B2B companies are now involved in digital selling. Digital selling has taken over from the conventional sales techniques. While it has been employed by B2C companies for some time now, B2B companies are relatively new to the process. One...

/ 5th December 2017

The True Purpose of Social Selling

Digital selling is at the forefront of B2B business now that B2B is embracing the digital age. B2B businesses have been forced to embrace the digital transformation. Their sales and marketing teams now use the world wide web for lead...

/ 4th December 2017

Why It Is Important for a Business to Have a Digital Selling Strategy

eWhat is digital selling? The presence of digital within our lives has led to a different way of looking to a business strategy. Due to this, a business strategy shouldn’t be seen as a single component. It is a fusion of...

/ 3rd December 2017

Set Your Business Apart from the Competition Using Strong B2B Branding

B2B buyers are spending more time than ever conducting research online before making a purchase. They are viewing content and reading online reviews about businesses and their products before committing to a purchase.    The internet now offers the modern buyer...

/ 30th November 2017

How to Tailor Your Content to the Stages of the Buyer Journey

Every B2B buyer seeking solutions to their businesses hindrances progress through the three stages of a buyer’s journey: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. If you produce the right content during each stage of the journey...

/ 28th November 2017

How to Guide Buyers Through Their Buying Journey & Close More Deals

Understanding the B2B buying journey is essential when designing your digital selling strategy. Developing an understanding of who your customers are can help your business to tailor the buying journey to your target audience. When done correctly, this framework can...

/ 27th November 2017

How to Get the Most out of Social Selling

Social selling has become the ‘it’ trend of B2B digital selling. Cold calling is no longer enough when trying to approach the modern B2B buyer as 90% of B2B decision makers never answer a cold call. Social media is the...

/ 23rd November 2017

How to Develop Digital Conversations and Build Trust with B2B Buyers

The digital platforms afforded to B2B companies engaged in digital selling can enhance the experience of their customers. The modern buyer has a range of expectations that your business needs to adapt to in order to deliver the best customer...

/ 20th November 2017

Why Your Current Customers are Essential to Growing Your Business

Acquiring and growing your customer base is often a top priority for many B2B businesses. A lot of time and effort goes into creating marketing strategies to gain new customers. Much of the digital strategies employed by businesses are created...

/ 17th November 2017