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Should I Consider Automated Lead Generation for my Business?

If you are feeling the pressure to generate a greater volume of relevant sales leads and achieve more valuable, in-depth knowledge about your prospects with less time and money, don’t worry because so are most sales leaders and marketers. Luckily,...

/ 11th February 2016

Social Selling in the Digital World

You may have heard the phrase ‘social selling’ being thrown around when discussions about the future of new business and sales methods arise. It is common to hear social selling described as the secret formula to business growth in the...

/ 5th February 2016

Lead Generation Software Tools

The increased focus on ‘Lead Generation’ has resulted in companies plugging tools and software which claim to automate the Lead Gen process. Firstly, we should begin by explaining some misconceptions surrounding Lead Generation software, as the term has been hijacked...

/ 1st December 2015

Sales Prospecting Guide

Even with the rapid growth in big data and social media – sales prospecting or social prospecting is still a critical component in the sales process. So what has changed when it comes to finding leads today? Well sales prospecting...

/ 6th November 2015

How to Improve Lead Nurturing with Social Media

Sales and selling is changing rapidly; to improve the vital “lead nurturing” sales activity we have to learn the impact social media is having on business today. Lead nurturing is an often undervalued or even misunderstood sales activity in terms...

/ 28th October 2015