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‘Startups: How to Scale with Digital Selling’ – A 6PX Event

6PX Digital is a workshop, conferencing and networking event hosted by the OrcaWise CEO, Kevin Neary. The focus of these events is to empower startups with the knowledge to adopt digital selling strategies that drive customer engagement and increased sales...

/ 30th May 2018

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool 

LinkedIn has established itself as a key B2B sales and marketing tool. The platform plays host to 500 million professionals across 200 countries. That’s a lot of prospects! So, how do you narrow it down? LinkedIn provides you with the...

/ 11th January 2018

The True Purpose of Social Selling

Digital selling is at the forefront of B2B business now that B2B is embracing the digital age. B2B businesses have been forced to embrace the digital transformation. Their sales and marketing teams now use the world wide web for lead...

/ 4th December 2017

How to Get the Most out of Social Selling

Social selling has become the ‘it’ trend of B2B digital selling. Cold calling is no longer enough when trying to approach the modern B2B buyer as 90% of B2B decision makers never answer a cold call. Social media is the...

/ 23rd November 2017

Are You Sending Spam?

All digital sellers know the importance of the sales email. It’s one of the best way to establish a relationship with your leads. Keep them updated on what’s going on within your business while also inviting them to interact with...

/ 4th November 2016

4 Foolproof Ways to Optimize Your Email Strategy

Email should be a top priority for your marketing and sales teams. It’s s great way to nurture relationships with your customers as well as generate new leads. But in order for your emails to do this, you need to...

/ 2nd November 2016

What Digital Sellers Need to Know About Business

As a digital seller it’s important to know your product inside and out. But you also have to know the difference between informing your lead about your product and actually selling it. It’s risky ground to simply think that your...

/ 21st October 2016

What Is Social Selling and What Is Its Role in Digital Selling?

Social selling is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing right now. In just a few years, the concept has been taken by sales leaders and placed at the forefront of the increasingly dominant idea of digital selling. But what...

/ 28th September 2016

3 Steps to Increasing Online Traffic (For Free)

Lack of website traffic is a common problem for businesses. Particularly smaller ones that don’t necessarily have the same marketing budget as others. Increasing this traffic is an important aspect of your digital selling strategy. There are ways to do...

/ 27th September 2016

4 Tips to Increase B2B Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. You need leads to turn into customers, so without them you have nothing. There are many different strategies to generating leads. The use of digital channels has...

/ 21st September 2016