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Using Social Selling Tools to Improve Sales Pipeline

Using social selling tools are not only a fantastic way to build a sales pipeline but they also play a big part in managing the pipeline with insights and social updates to help improve win rates. Every sales organization needs...

/ 13th October 2015

Putting the Social into Selling

Today social selling and using the power of social media is how sales people do their networking, information sharing and in many cases the initial customer interaction. For sales teams putting the social into selling is paying rich dividends. The internet and...

/ 8th October 2015

Social Media Sales Tools

How to use social media sales tools to fill the sales pipeline There is no doubt that social media is a potentially lucrative sales tool for businesses to generate leads. Having said that, social media is also an ever changing,...

/ 7th September 2015

Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Lead generation is crucial for creating relationships with potential buyers and is often considered the most difficult stage of the sales process. It’s important to establish a basis of knowledge so that both you and your lead are on the...

/ 24th August 2015

Social Selling Within Sales

Social selling is a set of techniques sales people develop to achieve remarkable results using Social Media. By using Social Media to find influencers and prospects we speed up customer acquisition, reduce the cost per lead and accelerate sales efficiency....

/ 19th August 2015

Using Social Media for Customer Acquisition

Social media lead generation is a powerful customer acquisition tool when used effectively. Using social media to generate sales leads can reduce marketing spend & cost per lead, increase ROI and maximize selling time. Targeting potential buyers and prospects across...

/ 11th August 2015

Get the Sales Team Selling with Social Media

Social media selling is a vital tool for identifying and nurturing social prospects. Despite that, many sales people and organizations lack efficiency in using social media lead generation to generate social selling opportunities. One of the key issues is that...

/ 10th July 2015

How to Improve Lead Nurturing With Social Selling

Social media selling is when sales and marketing teams engage directly with selected prospects or leads across social networks. Companies are increasingly using social media lead generation techniques to quickly and easily develop profitable relationships with buyers. For social selling...

/ 10th July 2015