What is Google Penguin and the bad old days of digital selling?

When Google released Penguin in April 2012, it changed the idea of SEO marketing forever. Before digital sellers were able to cheat the system by flooding Google with poorly written content crammed with keywords and at best peripheral to the product they were trying to market.

They then would pay for links to these articles to appear on third-party websites and then vacuum up clicks by users falling for click-bait techniques. It was poorly done digital marketing, but it worked. This roundabout way would bring digital businesses to the top of Google searches without actually building and marketing their product.

That isn’t the case today. The original Google Penguin was a purge of the dominant style of search engine manipulation, sending the old masters caught to the bottom of Google’s search results. For consumers, things immediately improved. Now their search results actually offer valuable information and businesses and content would build and gain popularity in a more organic matter.

On the other hand, for digital sellers who had wed themselves to this style, it was soul crushing. Keyword stuffing and other techniques in that vein may have been frowned upon in a way, but it was also the clearest path for online businesses to climb search engine rankings and establish their reputation. They were playing the game presented and finding success, then Google flipped the board over.

Since the original launch of Google Penguin, digital sellers have adjusted and regrouped. After the launch of one of Google’s algorithm updates, be it Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird. Leaders in digital selling focus on what said release intended to correct and work within the new limits to keep up their viability, until the release of the next one.

Its been a game for the past four years, as digital sellers constantly refine their techniques to avoid falling victim of the latest purge, but the upcoming release of Penguin 4.0 may once again change the game completely and bring another evolution in the world of digital selling. 


Google Penguin 4.0 and what digital sellers can expect

While details of this latest Penguin update are held in their usual scarcity, speculation is of it becoming a constantly updating algorithm, one that will adjust by the moment as opposed to when Google decides to release an update. With minimal opportunities in this new update for digital sellers to refocus and develop an improved SEO technique, how can you make sure that your business’ hard work and digital presence isn’t purged by Penguin?

If you’re still a viable digital seller more than likely you have already adjusted to the past rules constructed by Google Penguin. You have abandoned cheap keyword stuffing articles and offer compelling content for your audience. You know how to properly present your content and link it with your business to benefit your customer’s experience. The only issue that comes with this new frontier of content production and digital marketing is where it ends up once it’s posted.

It’s accepted that once an article or blog is posted it is betrothed to the will of the internet, where it can be linked to and blogged about by any website, including those that attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm. By tracing your links and using Google’s disavow tool you will keep yourself in the company’s good graces and prevent your digital business from falling victim of another’s malpractices.

It’s important to stay on top of who is linking your content and disavowing when necessary. Rebuilding your reputation after being cut down by Google can at the very least take months, vital time that could potentially crush a digital business.


Google Penguin 4.0 will make sure that the best digital sellers stand out

Above all, it must be understood that Google Penguin or any of its other iterations aren’t a bad thing. It’s an effort by Google to refine its search engine for a better user experience. While the old days of keyword-laden articles may have looked good on the results page of a search engine, to most users they were annoying and unhelpful and were generally filtered out mentally.

The best way to take advantage of Google’s algorithm updates is to promote yourself in an engaging, not spammy matter. Write insightful content that benefits your user’s experience, that makes you valuable to the consumer, and not filling an empty blog post with keyword flash that may bring a page click but will do little to keep any leads of substance.

With an official release for Penguin 4.0 expected soon, it’s launch and implementation will be a complete surprise. It’s been rumoured for release for more than a year now and every press release and announcement by Google is scanned for clues of its imminent arrival. The digital sellers you should class yourself with aren’t so anxious.

The best digital sellers are aware of its importance, but by operating in a way that truly sells themselves to the consumer, and ensuring that their work isn’t exploited by search engine manipulators with ulterior motives, you won’t be concerned with getting purged and instead reap the benefits of top-level content production in a better policed digital marketplace.


Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.


Terrence Smith

Posted by Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.

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