B2B buyers are spending more time than ever conducting research online before making a purchase. They are viewing content and reading online reviews about businesses and their products before committing to a purchase.   

The internet now offers the modern buyer with an abundance of information. For B2B buyers, an effective method of narrowing down their options is their familiarity with the companies within the industry. B2B branding affords buyers with this familiarity.


What is B2B branding? 

B2B branding essentially shows buyers why their company needs you. Successful brands often share these important attributes:


Knowledge of audience 

One of the key components that a B2B buyer values in a supplier is the knowledge that they understand and respond to their customers’ needs. While this is often important to many consumer interactions, it is more integral to the B2B customer experience. The B2B relationship can often function as more of a partnership than just a one-off transaction.  

Understanding your target audience provides you with direction when developing your marketing campaigns. Knowing the customers that you are targeting is essential to the development of your brand identity.



Passion is important for the long-term sustainability of your brand. Take a moment to think about the big brands of today. Many modern brands have a spokesperson at the forefront displaying a passion for their brand. Ensure that your marketing campaigns communicate to your audiences more than what your product or service can offer them. Let your passion for the product drive the campaign. 

When your brand conveys passion, it can encourage your customers to become passionate about your product or service. A passionate customer base can increase referrals. Satisfied customers that are passionate about a product or service often refer their peers.


Consistency is key 

Brand consistency is important to customers. Maintaining a consistent level of quality increases the likelihood of repeat sales from current customers. Unless you are consistent with the services you provide, your customers can grow unhappy and move to one of the many competitors saturating the market. 

Consistency also moves beyond the quality of the product or service. The value message that your brand promotes should be consistent. Make sure that your website, your social media profiles, and your marketing campaigns are all portraying the same value message.


A competitive edge 

Thanks to the internet, B2B buyers are given access to a wide range of options to fulfill their purchasing needs. The most successful digital selling businesses are constantly thriving to be the ‘next big thing’ and to outdo their competitors. This could account for how the world of technology is constantly changing and reinventing itself. What is on trend this year will be replaced by a new, edgier trend next year.   

Continuously building your brand and seeking opportunities to increase brand awareness is what will make you stand out from competitors. Going above and beyond consumer’s expectations will get them excited about your brand.


A personality 

The modern consumer is a sucker for a brand with a big personality. While this is abundantly evident in the B2C marketplace, it is becoming increasingly important to B2B branding.  

For B2B buyers, a brand that portrays a caring persona towards their customers often comes out on top. Adopting a culture of prioritizing the customer experience and ensuring that they are receiving the best possible service can go a long way in the B2B market. Positive customer perceptions can help your brand build a strong rapport with your customers.


Why is strong B2B branding important? 

In B2B business, there are many factors that can influence a buyer’s purchasing decision. The buyer’s budget and the quality or reliability of the service can often be the most influencing factors behind the decision to purchase.  

Successful B2B branding can transform your business into a recognizable and trustable entity while also building loyalty with your customers. 

When buyers are making a purchase, they want to minimize any risk of a negative experience, and purchasing from a familiar brand can decrease this perceived risk. If your brand is familiar, prospects are going to be more likely to purchase from you as opposed to a competitor with a less familiar brand.


Orla Murphy

Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at OrcaWise writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.


Orla Murphy

Posted by Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at OrcaWise writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.

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