Digital selling has moved to the forefront of sales. B2B businesses are now embracing the digital platforms that B2C companies have been involved with for some time now.

Digital selling strategies are now a necessity for a successful business. It is no longer acceptable to have no digital presence. The switch to digital isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives B2B businesses the chance to be more effective and deliver customer service with greater efficiency.

With digital comes data. Data is extremely useful when uncovering insights that further ensures that your business delivers the best customer experience.  

Buyers are using the internet to both discover and complete their purchases. Unless you have a digital selling strategy in place you will fall under the radar and your competitors will push ahead of you.

According to a recent study from EY, digital selling companies are on average hitting 150 percent of their selling quotas and are 5.7 times more likely to secure meetings with prospects.  

With the increasing reliance on digital platforms to complete sales, how can your business remain human? 

Sales teams working within digital selling strategies need to employ more skills than the typical sales rep. Engaging with customers is different on a digital platform, and the key to success is to remain human in your approach.

While consumers may prefer the advantages afforded to them by purchasing digitally, they still expect a personal touch. Maintaining the human element to your customer service is vital if your business hopes to deliver top-class customer experiences.


Get personal with your customers 

Sales teams need to accompany their buyers along their buying journey. Undergoing the customer experience with their customers can help to highlight where the gaps are in their journey and how you can resolve them. Having a clear understanding of what your customers experience during their buying journey can aid you in ensuring you deliver great customer service throughout.  

Communication with consumers is made easier than ever using these digital platforms. Engage in conversations with your consumers and show them that you care about their experience with you. Afford them opportunities to ask you questions. Listen to your customers’ queries and feedback and thank them for their input. Address them by their name when engaging in conversation. This can help to build trust and rapport between you and your customers.


Align your sales and marketing teams 

Sharing data between marketing and sales teams can reduce the number of obstacles that can occur during the customer journey and enhance their experience. 

The alignment of your marketing and sales team doesn’t just benefit the customers, but it can also have a positive impact on your business. According to a recent survey carried out by LeanData, 53% of sales people and 51% of marketers were dissatisfied with their companies’ other teams’ performances. Dissatisfaction among team members in the workplace can negatively impact the quality of your customer service. 

Eliminating department barriers can ensure the deliverance of a hassle-free customer experience. When the customer is experiencing an issue, they do not care which department fixes it, they just want it resolved. A problem shared is a problem halved and this is extremely relevant to business. The needs of customers can be handled a lot quicker if your departments are communicating with each other.


Human communication 

Everyone is a consumer. Take yourself back to a time when you had an issue with a product or service and needed help in resolving it. You’ve more than likely experienced two scenarios. The frustrating scenario of seeking help and receiving automated responses from an AI tool. Then there’s the more positive experience when you discussed your issue with someone either through a phone call or on an IM messaging application.

A human on the other end of the line, or keyboard, who understands your issue and has the knowledge to help you as soon as they can is expected by the modern customer, despite the digital transformation.


Orla Murphy

Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at Connectors Marketplace writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.


Orla Murphy

Posted by Orla Murphy

Digital Content Writer at Connectors Marketplace writing about the latest digital selling topics and strategies.

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