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Essential Stages for Your B2B Pipeline

In the current digital age, the internet provides customers with a wealth of information at their fingertips. Many B2B sellers may believe that their potential customers can gather everything they need through their online research and can easily define their...

/ November 3, 2017

Digital Minds – Who is the Modern Buyer?

B2B sales have changed drastically in the past decade. Cold-calling as a lead generation tool no longer cuts it. Sales people have had to abandon the telephone and break into the world wide web. Identifying your target audience and appealing...

/ October 31, 2017

Reach Multiple Decision Makers with Digital Selling

Multiple decision makers are becoming increasingly involved in B2B decisions. An average of 6.8 people is involved in the decision-making process during the B2B buying journey. This number is steadily rising. In 2013, an average of 5.4 people was reported...

/ October 31, 2017