90% of top sales professionals use social selling to boost their sales. Social selling is the new marketing campaign that utilizes online relationships to bring in new clients and constantly grow profit. Social selling is like picking low-hanging fruit because customers on social media are already 57% progressed on their sales journey.

Let’s take a look at some of the success seen by some social sellers and find out how to create a similar profit for your business.


How are sales teams social selling?

The common strategy to make a social sale is to reach out to prospects and close deals based on nurtured online relationships.


1. Identify your target market

Firstly, inside sales teams and sales directors use sales intelligence tools such as CRM and productivity apps to identify leads. This sales intelligence software allows top sales executives to receive contact data and background information about prospects. You can monitor the buyer’s interest and likelihood to convert the sale.


2. Reach out to prospected buyers

Secondly, sales directors and marketers reach out to prospects over LinkedIn, Twitter and most commonly Facebook. After following or connecting to the prospected buyer, the social seller shares content of interest to the customer and engages them in a conversation about what the buyer needs. In this way, a sense of trust is developed between the buyer and the seller.


3. Convert sales over social network

Finally, when the sales executive sees an opportunity to solve a pain point for the buyer, they can close the sale. The sales cycle draws to a natural close as the customer has been specifically targeted, and the relationship has been nourished by a shared interest. Social media connections allow B2B companies to even convert the sale directly on the social media platform, which significantly shortens the sales cycle.


Who has had success with social selling?

One example of a successful social seller is Steve Flaughers, a distributor of Proforma 3rd Degree Marketing. Through his connections to his previous clients on Facebook, Flaughers was able to make a connection to a new client. The new client saw that Flaughers had established a strong relationship with his current customers and this instilled a sense of trust to the customer. One phone call later and the new client signed up for Flaughers’ services. This is the great cascade effect of social selling, leading to a growing sales pipeline.


How to social sell like a millennial

Millennials, i.e. the generation born between 1980 and 2000, are leading the way in the usage of sales intelligence software. They monitor and analyse buyer behaviour with email tracking and relationship-building tools more than another other generation. They know that the buyers who use social media have an 84% bigger budget than buyers who do not use social media. Millennials also know that the secret to social selling is constancy. Top sales professionals spend between 3 and 10 hours per week executing social selling and using tools like CRM. The profits have been quite high in the social selling market already, so it is time to join in with the most successful players.



As buyers share their interests on social media, there is a great opportunity for businesses to social sell. The relationship between buyer and seller takes patience and constant vigilance, but the value of social selling continues to rise. Social media is so effective in decision making and targeting specific potential buyers that by 2020, 85% of customers will not even engage with a human in their sales journey. It is clear that social selling is only growing from strength to strength.


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