One of the earliest of accomplishments for digital sellers is gaining leads. They have crafted content and defined their brand to the point where they have built an audience to harvest sales. The next step is making sure that hard work isn’t wasted. It’s one thing to gain leads and quite another to engage and build a fruitful relationship with them. Below are some of the biggest mistakes sellers make and what you can do to avoid them.


Failing to know your product

The worst thing you can possibly do when communicating with a lead is to not know what you’re talking about. No matter how skilled you are in your selling techniques, it’s all a waste if you can’t properly explain the benefits of what you offer. Your leads aren’t stupid, they can smell the BS, and they will rightfully label you as a lazy time waster not worth their time. Have a thorough knowledge of your product front to back. Not only will you be able to properly respond to your lead’s queries, but you will be able to present facts in a manner that will embed them into your product and position their knowledge of the subject from the benefits of what you offer.


Not making sure your leads fit what you look for in a sale

Most businesses have an outline of who a buyer for their product is. There is a reason for this and these outlines more often than not are the best ways to chase leads. Take the time to place your lead against what your data has shown to make sure that you have a lead worth engaging. While it’s no problem to have a wide range of leads, the most important thing you need to accomplish is to gain sales. Having a focused look at what your sale should embody will allow you to cut through the morass and find the best leads.


Sending template communications

There’s nothing wrong with starting your conversation with a buyer from several stock points that define your product and will draw your base in. In fact you should have these as they will build the image you hope to give off for your brand. That is very different from sending the same email over and over, trawling the waters hoping for a lead to bite. Even the least savvy leads can identify one of these sanitized messages and identify you as some type of sales spam robot as opposed to a knowledge resource in your field. Take the time to learn something about your lead and apply it to your communication. This takes a matter of minutes and will allow you to bring your leads into a closer relationship that will bring in more sales.


Not understanding why your lead is interested

No lead is the same and each has a different reason for expressing interest in your product. Your product should be defined enough to encompass a variety of lead’s interests, with some being irrelevant to others, so make sure that you start at that point with your lead. Also make sure to understand at what point of the buying process your lead is at and harness your harvest techniques accordingly.


Being over-informative

Be aware that this stage of engagement is the equivalent of dipping your toe in the water. You want to get a feel for your lead, find their needs and bring them closer to you. As it is you initiating contact be aware that your lead’s time is important and that you may be interrupting their day. Don’t sour your relationship by flooding them with sales points and information that may not even be applicable to your lead and can rub them the wrong way. Give them a taste, find their needs and briefly explain the benefits of your product before inviting them to a more in-depth conversation. Don’t hit them with all you have, slowly bring them along and build their knowledge and interest in your product over time. A long-winded spiel with very little sinking into your lead is just wasting both you and your lead’s time.


Entering communication aimlessly

Make sure you have a goal for every piece of communication you have with your lead. From simply defining your pricing structures to offering a comprehensive explanation and forcing the lead to do some work on their end, not all conversations should be consistently defined for a quality digital seller. Have an understanding of your lead, define what you want to accomplish through the communication and what topics you should focus on then attack. Communication with your leads isn’t simply having the chats. Have a plan and execute it.


Assuming leads are interchangeable

One of the easiest mistakes for early digital sellers. Don’t think because you have gained some leads that you can now blanket them with conversation in exactly the same way. Take a moment to research these leads, define them as good or not worth following up with. Remember not to waste your time with bad leads. From there, find their needs and tailor your conversation accordingly. These are interactions that you hope will eventually lead to your lead parting with their hard-earned money, treat it in the same manner that you would want a seller to engage you.


Not engaging at all

There is a temptation to not spend your time chasing leads that are often dead ends and instead focusing on the sales leads in front of you and bringing them over the line. While this may work in the short-term, it is incredibly risky over time as you eventually find that your leads have dried up. Remember that selling is a process, every lead you interact with will be at a different point along their selling journey. By constantly engaging leads at these different points, you can begin to develop a pipeline of sales that will have you constantly securing leads. It’s easy to grab the low-hanging fruit, but as with every aspect of digital selling, if you want to truly gain you have to give your time and effort to all aspects.

Harvesting leads and building sales can often be a long-winding and frustrating process. Treat every interaction as a learning experience and look to gain something even from the failures. Avoid these easy pitfalls and hone your technique, stay positive and soon you will become a top digital seller.


Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.


Terrence Smith

Posted by Terrence Smith

Terrence has previously written articles for Basketball Ireland, Creative Loafing and Hot Press. He is currently a content writer for Connectors Marketplace.

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