Sales intelligence software helps sales professionals to close more deals, faster. In todays multi-channel digital world a sales person’s job is far from simple. They are often lost in a sea of social media data, Google search results, and online directories, trying desperately to find the names and email addresses of appropriate prospects. Then they are left wondering where to begin when it’s time to make that sales call.

New research is proving that when managers invest in sales intelligence software, salespeople can keep their pipelines full of the right leads, better serve prospects and bolster sales effectiveness.


What is sales intelligence software?

While the term ‘sales intelligence’ simply means any information that can be useful to improve sales effectiveness, sales intelligence software usually refers to online solutions with deep insights and social data on companies along with prospects so that your sales team’s funnel is always full of quality leads with organized details on each lead to give your team a full picture of who they are selling to. Armed with relevant and organized data, sales people can better lead nurture, social sell and have meaningful conversations with only your most relevant prospects. This way, sales people can concentrate on what they do best – selling.

Approaching potential customers should only happen once sales people have a fair knowledge of:

  • The prospect’s business and industry
  • General information about the prospect through their social media profiles.
  • Pain points the prospect is facing
  • What unique solution you can offer in contrast to your competitors
  • How effective this solution might turn in the favor of your prospects business.

In short, the more personalized approach by the sales personnel providing value to the potential customer beyond what was promised is Sales Intelligence. Software and other sales intelligence tools make the process of collecting data faster and of better quality.


The problem with not using sales intelligence software today

Salespeople who do not rely on sales intelligence subsequently spend on average 200 hours a year not selling because they are tied up with finding the right prospect data and figuring out how to make an initial pitch. Researching a prospect in today’s digital world can be tedious and take up an unnecessary amount of a sales person’s time. Time that could be spent on the phones selling. In sales, time is the most precious commodity.

A report by CSO Insights revealed that only 9.7% of businesses equip their reps with sales intelligence programs whereas 90.3% admitted that there’s a level of effort required on the sales peoples part in order to have access to sales intelligence.

It is “shocking” how few companies truly help their salespeople prepare to have meaningful conversations, says CSO Insights authors Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer. “We may want them to do it. We may even demand they do it. But precious few of us give salespeople access to the sales intelligence to actually do it.” The number of companies that don’t support salespeople in terms of preparing to create and strike up meaningful conversations with prospects is appalling. The most common situation is that sales managers expect their reps to be at their best when they call out, they even require and make them do it. However, there is often not enough information available to the reps to make this happen.

Therefore, sales teams are forced to waste a lot of their time sifting through endless unorganized internet data to come up with their own sales intelligence. Given the pressure to sell to large numbers, sales people have a limited amount of time to generate their own sales intelligence. Consequently, they rush into prospect interactions usually with basic information and less confidence in their approach.


Sales intelligence software solves this issue

Sales intelligence software ultimately puts sales teams in the best position to succeed. According to an Aberdeen Group report, 62% of B2B salespeople using sales intelligence software reported improved lead quality and quantity to maximize selling time.

Finding relevant prospects for your business is the first step towards building an effective sales process. Sales Intelligence software like ‘Connectors Marketplace Managed Service’ will identify the most influential prospects who are most likely to buy from your company. For your sales team, this spares time and vitality of searching for prospects everywhere throughout the web, whilst also simplifying the sales process.

connectors-marketplace-social-selling -tool

Not only does Connectors Marketplace continuously provide your reps with a comprehensive list of relevant prospects, their phone numbers, and email, they also give you the latest news about the current company your prospect works for, as well as a link to their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ account. With easy access to their social media, social selling and lead nurturing becomes a lot easier. It also allows your team to learn more about the person or engage with them online to establish a stronger relationship.


“Chance favors the prepared mind”

The best way to maximize a seller’s ability to close a deal is to follow the advice of Louis Pasteur: “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

There is nothing more impressive to prospects then when sales professionals have done their homework. Knowledge is power and when it comes to sales reps, it drives revenue. Top performing sales departments rely on quality sales intelligence before meeting with potential buyers. Every buyer is different and although strategies can be broad, tactics must be customized and humanized to make a strong differentiated connection.

Learning about prospects’ needs, wants, and concerns upfront, can help improve client acquisition because it builds confidence. Many organizations spend money on motivating sales teams when in fact, they need more confidence.

Sales intelligence can give sales team a drastic edge over the competition. This is all about building your team’s persona as trusted advisors, rather than as commission-hungry salespeople. And given the endless information available to today’s buyers — they can easily educate themselves about your products and pricing without you — it is vital to add human value to sales conversations.

The value of sales intelligence software is undeniable. Your sales people perform at their best when they can cut through the information challenges, maximize their sales potential and cut back on the obstacles. You don’t want your sales team to just work harder, you want them to work smarter. This is done with sales intelligence software.


Shauna McBride

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